Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2013-2014 SISEC Team Building Camp Update

The SISEC players and staff have been getting to know each other off the ice- and very quickly bonding as a team. Our players come from all over the globe; all having different (first) languages and different cultures. With most of our boys leaving home and coming to Canada for the first time- not knowing anyone, it is crucial that each and every player at SISEC, whether they are from the region or from abroad, feel comfortable, respected, trusted and involved in our SISEC family.

Our Team Building Week was designed to do just that, and already after day 2, it seems everyone is fitting in nicely and we are becoming a united group.

Day 1; Monday, August 26th, 2013

Morning -
For the first time as a group together, we headed out to just outside of Cochrane to Bragg Creek for a morning on paint-ball games. For some of our players, this was their first time ever going paint-balling, for others, this was their first time going paint-balling as a team at such an amazing variation on paint-ball fields.

Afternoon -
Team Sponsor-Edge Sports came down with sizing gear for all of our boys to get fitted, Helmets, Gloves, Tracksuits, Winter Jackets, Warmup Shorts/Tshirts and team bags.

Day 2; Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

Morning -
Today was a little more psychologically and physically demanding. We showed up before the summer luge track even opened and the boys ran from the bottom of the hill, to the top of the hill (1.8km) up the luge track. Once they got to the top, the boys grabbed a helmet and a kart and kart-luged down the track.
By this time, the lift was open so they were able to take the lifts up and they had 4 great kart-luge runs.

After the kart-luge, we headed to the soccer fields down by the river where the team was put through some warm up exercises and a few sprints and push ups - All while doing it as a together as a team and finishing off with a friendly soccer match.

Afternoon -
After lunch, we headed back to Winsport where the real team building exercises started.
A few quick teamwork tests, then the team was split into two groups-each going with a Winsport team leader and while working together as a group, were put through a bunch of group exercises testing leadership, character, teamwork, strength and endurance all while putting their thoughts together to come up with the best plans of attack to accomplish each exercise, Together.

Day 2 was a lot of fun and the boys are bonding quite quickly. Although there are still players coming in late, the majority of the players are here and everyone is fitting in and enjoying their SISEC experience thus far!

Day 3; Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Morning -
We headed to Calgary Corn Maze for a trek through the 11' high corn, found our way out, then went into the nurf gun course (modified paintball), jumped around on the massive trampoline style pillows, watched some pig races and went on a tractor tour.

Afternoon -
The players played another game of Soccer, did some more wind sprints before heading to Winsport to compete in a mini Amazing Race Challenge. The players were divided into 3 groups, had to answer some challenging questions, find clues and solve problems. Another great team bonding experience for the SISEC players.

Day 4; Thursday, August 29th, 2013

Morning -
We will be on the Ice for the first time as a group for practice, after Team Canada had vacated the facility.
The SISEC staff will evaluate the players in a scrimmage and mini games.

Afternoon -
They SISEC team will be heading to Lake Chestermere for some boating and tubing/water skiing as well as kayaks and swimming. The BBQ is ready and the food is prepared.

Day 5; Friday, August 30th, 2013

Morning -
Second on ice practice where the Staff will again be evaluating the players.

Afternoon -
The afternoon will be off.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday the boys will have off as well for the Labour Day long weekend.

The Cochrane Rodeo, Parade and activities are in town and will be optional to attend.

SISEC Staff and players will be back on the ice starting Tuesday, Sept 3rd, - Thursday, Sept 5th, 2013 for practice and we will also have Canada Olympic staff conducting fitness testing for the team.

Friday, Sept 6th, 2013 we hit the road to Swift Current, Saskatchewan for the weekend where we will be competing in a pre season Mini tournament for an evaluation weekend and season preparation.

For updates to follow.

For any further information on the SISEC Team Building Week, or anything related to SISEC - Contacts Jason at jasonlindner@sisect.ca

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  1. The activities you had were great! It’s nice that everybody was already chummy with one another within the first two days of your teambuilding week. That is great progress. It shows that the team building activities were administered very well. Anyway, thank you for sharing this, and more power to you guys!

    Jay Hastings @ London Business Games