Wednesday, November 20, 2013

SISEC stranded in Grande Prairie with a weekend from hell

The SISEC Selects White team headed north to Dawson Creek and Fort St. John, but were turned back to Grande Prairie due to weather.

The Selects boarded the charter bus and hit the roads at 6am on Friday, Nov 15th. About 9 hours later, the ones who were asleep on the bus were awakend suddenly when the bus hit some ice conditions and started to slide out of control. The bus driver did a great job controlling the spin, which turned the bus around in a 360 spin and stopped blocking most of the road. Driver Tim was already being very cautious driving in the terrible winter conditions, even at 50km/h the roads proved to be dangerous, even for the most experienced.

With the spin out and the RCMP closing the highways to proceed any further (due to weather), the Selects were turned back to Grande Prairie for the night without playing the game. Saturday morning with the roads still frozen over, the Selects were again prevented from continueing on to the game, missing both scheduled games vs Dawson Creek. Sunday, the game was scheduled in Grande Prairie. Finally after a long two days of bordom, the boys were ready to play some hockey! Sunday am the bus driver started up the bus and found that the brake lines had frozen in the -30 temperature. With no way to the arena, the Selects hopped in 6 taxi cabs and make it to the game. When there, they were told that they would not have a dressing room until 20 mins before the game time. Great!... But with all the mis fortunes so far this weekend, having a dressing room was just a minor detail that wouldn't affect the boys preparing for the game against Grande Prairie. SISEC came out motivated and excited, putting puck after puck on net. With that SISEC routed the Grande Prairie with a 6-1 victory, putting SISEC in first place with a 10-1-1 record, also with the lowest goals against in the league.

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  1. 20 mins before game time for a dressing room seems to be a little exaggeration...