Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weekly Report: September 12 - 18

September 12 - 18
Jamie Nanchen

This week we had our first whole week of school. In school nothing special happened, so all of us were waiting for our second preseason game against Edge Prep. It wasn't a very interesting game and we lost it 8:2. We didn't play bad, but Edge just was better. After the game all of us went to bed early to be ready for our last exhibition game on Saturday against the Calgary Canucks. It was our first game outside of Cochrane and the whole team played very good. The final score was 6:1 for the SISEC team. We finally won our first game this season! We had some discipline problems so two players had to leave the game! Another negative point was that Arrigo got injured. So we couldn't enjoy our win that much because we wanted to see how he's feeling. So the whole team went to the hospital right after the game. But he didn't get a check yet so we had to wait there for quite a while. We hope he's feeling better soon so that he can join us on the ice again. On Sunday we were off and probably everybody had a sleep in and was relaxing a little to be ready for season start the upcoming week.

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