Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Weekly Report: September 26 - October 2

September 26 - October 2
Shin Owaku

On Sunday at noon, we had a game against OHA black. We did pretty good job playing against them even we had two games on Saturday & Sunday, and we won by 7-1!!
We had a day off which doesn’t mean that we didn’t have to go to school, but we didn’t have any practices, however we started to practice hard everyday after a day off. On Friday morning, we left to Kelowna for a game against POE which is the team that we beat by 15-2, we did not have really good start of playing, but we started to play well on the second half of the game. On Saturday, we played against OHA red which was the team that we lost a week before, so we tried really hard and took a win from them in a second over time! Our Sunday’s game went better than the other two, but we could have done better than that I believe. And Saturday night, some of the boys went to a Jr. A game and enjoyed that game. That was a GREAT weekend boys!!

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