Sunday, October 30, 2011

Game Summary: SISEC @ Edmonton KC Colts

At 12:45pm today SISEC played the first placed KC colts from the central red division in the NAMHL. It was a strong effort for the guys as they stayed poised and focused in a 3rd game of the weekend where its very typical to show fatigue. The team had 2 leads in the game, but KC battled back and went up 4 to 3. The team didn't quit and tied the game with 1:37 remaining. SISEC showed a lot of heart this weekend and time again when being down they don't stop until the final buzzer. "Its not how you start, its how you finish" said coach Plonka, "Its one of the most important key elements to a successful team and I admire the way we don't quit". 

Looking ahead, the team will take monday off after the long trip, allowing everyone to rest up and heal whatever bumps & bruises they may have. SISEC will take on Edge Gold saturday night, and then travel out to Banff to play BHA sunday afternoon.


First Period:
SISEC - Farvazetdinov (6), Ostapchuk     (E)
KC Colts - Baptista     (E)

Second Period:
SISEC - Koivula (10), Shepotko     (PP)
KC Colts - Mustafa     (E)

Third Period:
SISEC - Koivula 2 (11), Owaku     (PP)
KC Colts - Clarkson, Rotella, Marchewka     (PP)
KC Colts - Dahrouge, Mustafa, Busch     (E)
SISEC - Hayden (4), Leuppi     (E)

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