Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weekly Report: October 17 - 23

October 17 - 23
Daniel Nicholas

This week we had two games against OHA we had beaten them the previous week and we knew they were going to come for us. OHA red beat us last time they played us in Cochrane, this wasn’t going to happen again. We trained hard this week and to make sure we were prepared the last 5 or 10 minutes of most practices we skated and skated hard. The team was finally playing like a team passing instead of trying to make that extra move, and going into the places on the ice that hurt to get the puck out. Next thing we knew it was game day. First we played OHA red, the game was a battle we won in over time 2-1. The next day it was OHA black they had finally figured out their rosters so both teams were equally skilled. OHA black played good, but we played better besting them 5-3. Sadly this was also the week I first hurt my rib, arttu hurt his side, and kel hurt his back.

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