Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Weekly Report: October 24 - 30

October 24 - 30
Arrigo Burgener

Monday we had a day off becasue we worked hard the week before and we won the 2 games on the week-end. Tuesday we worked hard in the morning practice. Aternoon work out with Dean was very hard but we all worked hard! Wednesday we were picked up 10 minutes becasue we had a team meeting. The practice was very good a lot of 1:1, 2:1 etc. At the end we had to skate but we al did very well ! Thursday morning practice was also very hard ! But at Deans workout we streched a lot ! Then friday we went on the roadtrip and we plaied our 1st game on friday! We had a great comeback and tied the game. On saturday we plaied in edmonton and we were back 2:0 but we had a comeback again and we tiet the game again. On sunndays game we had the leat but at the end it was a tie game. It was a good week.

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