Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Weekly Report: November 28 - December 4

November 28 - December 4
Alex Schwartz

This week was a relatively uneventful wee. It was my birthday though, which if i do say so was pretty exciting! We did not have practice Monday morning, so we all slept in and rested. We went to school and also got the afternoon off. Tuesday morning it was back to work though with a morning practice that went ok considering we were missing about 5 guys to illness. We finished practice and then went and had a fun day at school racing mousetrap cars and demolishing them, then afterwards to work out at Deans. After a hard workout at Deans, we went home to rest op for our game the next day at Edge.

Wednesday morning came and not having a practice that morning we just went off to school. We got out of school earlier that day to go home and eat and rest to think about the game. We were picked up at 3:30 and away we went to go play Edge Gold. We had a hard fought game and after three periods we just couldn't find a way to capitalize on our chances. We lost the game 3-2, but not to a lack of effort.

With no practice Thursday morning we just went to school and then on to Deans where we had another hard workout. Friday was an early morning though with a practice before school and working hard for the game the next day. After school we had the day free to do what we would like. Saturday morning came quickly being picked up at 8:00 (Topher was late) and taken to the rink to gather up our equipment. Now came the seemingly long 3 hour drive to Edmonton. The puck dropped for the game, but not in our favour as this was probably our worst effort of the year. It was clear something is wrong, and needs to be done.

Overall it was a pretty fun week, although it didn't quite turn out the way we would have liked it to on the ice. Next week is an important one that week need to carry us through to next year and start us off on a goof foot.

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