Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Weekly Report: August 26 - September 11

August 26 - September 11
Vesa-Pekka Latvala

We had our training camp after everyone had arrived in Cochrane. Then we were watching CFL game Calgary-Edmonton which was nice event, but the game was bad, Calgary lost 35-7.
Well, Monday was a last holiday, and then school and hard practise began.
Our school started last tuesday so we didn`t have any practise.
Wednesday we had morning ice-practise, but no afternoon practise.
Thursday we had morning ice-practise, and after school we had dryland at deans.
Friday we had only ice-practise on morning and rest of the day after school we had free time.
Saturday we had just free time so I think everybody just hang out with friends.
Then sunday, we had our first game against Calgary Blazers, we lost that game 4-3, but we should have won that game. I think everyone is tired after first normal week. Well I think that the team is going better all the time, so let`s see what next week will brings. I think everybody have been fun this far!

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