Friday, October 14, 2011

SISEC in the News: Tracker Flyers host strong Swiss team

Tracker Flyers host strong Swiss team

OCTOBER 14, 2011 



The Northeastern B.C. and Yukon Tracker Flyers are home this weekend for back-to-back games against the SISEC Selects, a Swiss hockey academy team from Alberta.

Coach Barry Reynard said the Swiss style differs from North American play. He expects to see a lot of speed in the Selects’ transition game.
“European skill level of puck handling is a little different than North American,” he said. “They tend to hold onto the puck longer, whereas we tend to get rid of it quick.”
The Flyers will have to work hard to get the puck from the Swiss players, especially concerning a couple dominant ones that Reynard expects the team to have.
The teams have met before, but this is the first year the SISEC Selects are part of the Northern Alberta Midget AA Hockey League (NAMHL). They played a dozen exhibition games with teams from the Flyers’ league last year and usually fared pretty well. Reynard expects their name at the top of the standings all year.
In history with the Tracker Flyers, the Selects have won a couple big games 10-1 and 7-2, but the Flyers have taken a game at home as well.
The Flyers are coming off a tournament where they went 3-1 losing in the semi-finals shootout after three consecutive shutouts.
Reynard pointed out that the team let in just two goals in four games in last weekend’s tournament but gave up seven in its first match of the NAMHL season to Grande Prairie. He said this year’s team is going to create a lot of chances and should have some high-scoring affairs.
Because of the skilled approach of the Swiss players, Reynard expects his team will have to adjust in the opening minutes and could see some odd-man rushes or even breakaways as the Flyers get used to the game’s pace.
He hopes home is a factor as the Flyers host the Selects Saturday night in Fort St. John and then Sunday morning in Dawson Creek.
The Flyers are 0-1 to start the season but are coming off a solid tournament performance over the weekend. They won the league championship last year, but Reynard said in a 30-team league, that's going to be a tough act to follow. Still, he expects great things from his team, despite the challenging division.
The Selects are 2-0 with 15 goals for and just four against. The Flyers lost their opening game to Grande Prairie 7-2.
This weekend's games will be a good challenge for the Trackers to assert themselves in a tough division, and it's also a good opportunity for local fans to catch some home games and see the Swiss style of hockey.

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