Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weekly Report: October 10 - 16

October 10 - 16
Arseny Ivanov

Monday: No practice mining, I get up at 7, go eat breakfast and 8:15 go to bus to go to school. After school go and practice. After practice I go home and do homework, eat diner and then Skype with family back home.

Tuesday: Morning up at 5am, bus pickup at 6:25 for 7am-8 practice. After practice Hugh driver 8:35am go to school for 8:50-3:29. After school go to dry land at 4-5. After dryland go to home, diner 6-7. After diner homework and talk with family, sleep at 10:15pm.

Wednesday- stand up at 5:00 am after breakfast and then went to 6-23 with Arrigo and Ivan at the bus stop. morning training from 7 to 8 Hugh then rakes in our school at 8-35 am. School starts at 8-55 to 15-29 after school team went to draylend training was from 5 to 6 pm! after a workout home to rest! went to bed at 10:30!

Thursday-morning got up at 5:00 and then after breakfast went to the bus stop took us to hey 6 - 20 am to train on ice! training from 7 am to 8 am after a workout hey drove us to school with a 8-55 school until 15-29 after school for the second training session on the ice! after a workout at the gym! after room home on vacation! went to bed at 10:30 pm!

On Friday we played the Grande Prairie and lost 6.5

Saturday we played with the NE BC & Yukon played a draw was a good game03/03

On Sunday we played with NEBC & Yukon Flyers and we broke with a score of 7.2.

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